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Kalua Pulled Pork

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Pulled port is easy to make, inexpensive, versatile, and goes a long way. This recipe shows a 10-lb. pork butt (shoulder) in an 8 Qt. enameled dutch oven.

Ingredients: 8-10 lb pork butt, liquid smoke, 1 pack Tutti Italian Blend or Tutti Tex-Mex Mix.

Trim and pad dry large pork butt (shoulder), 8-10 lbs. Rub generously with Liquid Smoke (2+ Tbsp). Apply 1 Packet (appx. 4 Tbsp) Tutti Italian Blend evenly over surface. In large pot, bring 2 TBSP oil to medium heat. Sear pork butt on all sides, using tongs to rotate. Cover and reduce to low heat for 12 hours or until desired consistency is reached. Serve as carnitas, on nachos, or as a sandwich!

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